• Jana Ciaravolo

    Jana Ciaravolo

    A digital nomad. Passionate about learning, sharing and hydroponic gardening. Has decided to shed her corporate wings to become a penniless freelancer.

  • Basil Thiebaut

    Basil Thiebaut

    Greetings, I’m a basketball nerd, depressed Knicks fan, old head missing the time were basketball used to have a defensive side. Anyway gotta go hoop.

  • Brad Rothbart

    Brad Rothbart

    Writer, thinker, diaresis fanboy. Topics: Politics, sports, and disability rights. Email: scrdchao@gmail.com, or caffeinate them @ https://ko-fi.com/sacredchaos

  • Michele Putnam

    Michele Putnam

  • Phil Reid

    Phil Reid

  • Colt Caughenbaugh

    Colt Caughenbaugh

    Full-Time Drafter, Part-Time Freelance Writer

  • Meg Binion Putnam

    Meg Binion Putnam

  • Victor Guastaldi

    Victor Guastaldi

    Amante do futebol americano, torcedor dos Cowboys e discente de Ciências Sociais na UFSCar

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