Anthony Davis. Kawhi Leonard. James Harden. Kyrie Irving. Joel Embiid. Mike Conley. Jamal Murray. Deandre Hunter. Donovan Mitchell. Jaylen Brown.

And Chris Paul now in COVID-19 purgatory.

That’s just a few of the players that have either missed the whole postseason, missed a few playoff games or have been impacted…

Luka Doncic might have just ended Kawhi Leonard’s LA career.

One day after Doncic rained 39 points on Leonard’s Clippers during a 127–121 victory, the air of defeatism and frustration has never been thicker over LA’s forlorn hoops franchise. LA’s infamous smog looks more like a light misty day in…

Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens. Link

Opinions on Lamar Jackson have become sharply divided in the aftermath of his breakout 2019 MVP campaign, and NFL Twitter has started to chime in following the announcement that Baltimore would play Kansas City in a marquee match-up on September 28.

As directly quoted from different Twitter posts:

Lamar is…

History is littered with awesome, wild and crazy things that happened each day of the year, so let’s look back and remember them! Here are 7 amazing things that happened the week of May 10th, along with plenty of honorable mentions.

May 10, 1497: Amerigo Vespucci embarks on his first voyage to the New World

Uniforms tell the story of a franchise.

Some are iconic, and represent great dynasties and past glory years for the team that dons them; one can almost see Troy Aikman or Roger Staubach dropping back to pass in the current Dallas uniforms, just like Pittsburgh fans can still imagine Terry…

Image: Carolina Panthers, Wikimedia Commons

Carolina has certainly had an eventful offseason so far, rife with turnover and changes in both players and coaching staff. They have addressed some needs, but have left several others still without a clear solution, leaving several paths they could take with the 7th pick and their six others. …

Christian McCaffrey with Adam Humphries in 2019. Image: Wikimedia Commons

For better or worse, McCaffrey is going to be a Carolina Panther for a long time. And a well paid one at that.

Reactions to the record breaking 4 year, $64 million contract Christian McCaffrey signed Monday afternoon were across the board, ranging from those calling it a no-brainer decision…

Photo: Keith Allison, Wikimedia Commons

If there is one player in the NFL that I do not envy, it’s new Panthers’ quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. The moment the former Minnesota starter and New Orleans backup steps foot in Bank of America Stadium next year, no doubt to the iconic fire show that Cam Newton was introduced…

Photo: Keith Allison on Wikimedia Commons

Entering the 2020 offseason, Carolina was facing its most uncertain future in recent memory. Since 2011 there have been certain constants fans could count on; most years, it was assumed Ron Rivera would be the coach, Cam Newton was the QB1 and one of Marty Hurney or Dave Gettleman would…

Image by Ben Jones, Wikimedia Commons

What. Just. Happened.

Sitting in my classroom grading papers, I started seeing updates about a trade involving David Johnson.

Interesting! Johnson’s skills are on the decline and his last productive season was in 2016, but maybe they took a cheap flier on him hoping he’ll find his former elite…

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